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I Want To Serve You | Grace


I Want To Serve You
อัลบั้ม : Grace 1

Lord Your love shines over life of mine.
With power, peace and joy divine.
For your love so tender, to light up my heart.

In darkness and light, in laughter or tears.
When no one comes, my Lord still hears.
New life, hope that you give.
Thus in you I live.

How can I love You,
how can I praise.
How can I thank you,
’cause you’re so great.
I want to serve You,
I want to praise,
I want to thank you,
’cause you’re my Lord.

Although I’m only a child today,
Lord’ll help me to grow each day.
To be like You, Jesus.
To serve You with my life,
To serve You with my life.

เนื้อร้อง / ทำนอง / เรียบเรียง : GRACE
ศิลปิน : LINCY FUNG x WERN